Friday, 4 June 2021

Where’s the cost benefit analysis for the bridge?

“Transport Minister Michael Wood needs to release the cost benefit analysis for the walking/cycling bridge he’s proposing for Auckland,” says ACT’s Transport spokesperson Simon Court.

“This is essentially Sky Path on steroids, driven by climate activists. Taxpayers deserve to know whether this stacks up. We need to see the full cost benefit analysis.

“According to the last census, driving a car, truck or van is the main way of getting to work for 70 per cent of Aucklanders. The figure for cycling is 0.9 per cent. Can the Minister show that this initiative will have wider benefits, or is it a pet project based on image?

“Labour is no better than National on this front. National Ministers in the previous Government posed on Quay Street in helmets and hi-vis jackets to fund cycle projects which largely haven’t stacked up and in at least one case had to be abandoned due to disastrous cost benefit analysis done after the fact.

“New Zealanders stuck in traffic and who want safety improvements in their towns and suburbs have the right to ask: on what evidence is this project being promoted?

“This Government has a history of failing to deliver and cost blowouts. It’s hard to believe this will be any different. Even if the new ‘implementation unit’ gets involved, do we really believe this Government can deliver this in five years and on budget?

“Mr Wood also needs to confirm whether the Government still intends to progress another mutli-model harbour crossing for vehicles and public transport, or are we being told that lycra is the future?  

“This will be a hard pill to swallow for motorists. Mr Wood needs to release the analysis so we can judge whether this is really worth it.”