Monday, 12 July 2021

Money for meth dealers unacceptable

“It is no wonder the Government was so quiet on the Human Rights Commissioner donating to the Mongrel Mob, it turns out they had given over 13,000 times more in funding to the Mob as well,” says ACT’s Justice Spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“The Proceeds of Crime Fund exists to address organised crime harm and drug-related harm. It shouldn’t be providing taxpayer money to the same gangs who create the harm we are trying to stop.

“We now have money being seized from organised crime being channelled back into gangs. It is mind-boggling and disrespectful to victims of crime.

“The gangs already take a cut on the supply of drugs, now they get a second bite on the rehab with $2.75 million funded by the taxpayer.

“There are plenty of mental health and addiction services that deliver good outcomes without being run by and connected to gangs in this country.

“These services have been advocating for Government funding and help for some time now. While they go wanting, the Government has prioritised a programme run by a collective of Mongrel Mob chapters.

“The Government needs to focus on using the Proceeds of Crime Fund to address organised crime, not support it.

“If the Mob was serious about reducing harms from methamphetamine, here’s a solution – stop dealing it!”