“Radio New Zealand has spent $43,677 of taxpayers money on Australian music for its new theme song,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Radio New Zealand National unveiled the new music in the final week of New Zealand music month with critics describing it as “as slap in the face” and “tone deaf.”

“Now the ACT Party can reveal the cost. Written Parliamentary Questions show a total of $43,677 spent on the music, with $10,819.00 on composition and $32,858.71 on rights in perpetuity.

“The Government has been pumping money into the arts sector. It gave $120 million to the art and culture sector following covid. Now, when our National Broadcaster, propped up by Government funding, had a chance to show genuine support, it looked overseas.

“This was incredibly short-sighted from Radio NZ. Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson should haul whoever made this decision in for a please explain.

“We would have got better value for money by sticking to someone making a recording of our native birds. 

“This is yet more wasteful spending from our Government. The New Zealand music industry has every right to feel let down by Government and Radio New Zealand executives for this poor decision making.”

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Portfolio: Broadcasting and Media (Hon Willie Jackson)
Question: How much money was spent on Radio New Zealand's new theme tune, if any?
Reply: I am advised that Radio New Zealand has spent $10,819.00 on composition and $32,858.71 on rights in perpetuity for RNZ National’s new external sound imaging/music brand.