“My Member’s Bill drawn today to reinstate 90-day trials will reduce the risk for employers and allow them to take a chance on hiring someone,” says ACT MP James McDowall.

“Young or low-skilled workers, or people who have been out of work have the most to gain from being employed on a trial basis.

“It never made sense that Labour wanted to repeal this law. ACT is committed to having it reinstated.

“Businesses have taken a hammering over the past few years. Running a business and employing people has never been tougher. Whether it was the lockdowns, an additional public holiday, continuous increases to the minimum wage, more sick leave entitlements or the so-called ‘Fair Pay Agreements.’

“ACT believes we should empower business owners to be successful so that they can employ more people.

"With National recently adopting ACT's position on 90-day trials, this bill could be adopted by the next government to get the change progressed quickly.

"I'm glad to see this bill drawn on my last day in Parliament. While I will not be contesting the upcoming election, I look forward to seeing one of my ACT colleagues progress this through the next Parliament.

“Good, hardworking, productive employees will be the winners with this policy, as business owners take a chance on people they might not have otherwise.”

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