Friday, 31 May 2019

31 May 2019


Thank you to everyone for reading Ad Lib and especially to those who have messaged me saying how much they enjoy it, and who have provided comment. I hope to be in a better position to reply to each one of you sometime in the future.


Right now I am focussed on ReACT, our relaunch on 16 June. At this event I am looking forward speaking to you about one of the key reasons I joined ACT a couple of decades ago, having been a supporter since its inception, and why I am still an avid supporter and activist today.

My story is about successive legislation and how it is robbing many young people of a better start in life. A start that I was privileged to have and that I would like to see returned to future generations, starting in 2020.

This key driver for my joining a political party is still, more than ever, relevant in 2019. No other party is willing to address the mountain of red tape that has got us into the mess we are in today, especially for those wanting to build or buy their first home.

We have an event and some announcements that will inspire new members and re-invigorate our existing and returning members.

Please don’t miss it. Numbers are limited. Buy your ticket(s) now.


I do look forward to seeing you there.

Beth Houlbrooke

Deputy Leader / Vice President  


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