I am originally from Queenstown - born and raised. I moved to Dunedin in 2008, where I have remained ever since. In my earlier years, I travelled to the UK on a one-way ticket at the age of 19, where I spent 3 years working and travelling throughout Europe. Upon my return I undertook an adult apprenticeship in construction, building bespoke multi-million dollar houses. I am currently still in the construction sector as a site manager and shareholder of a reputable Dunedin company. I have four beautiful kids and an amazing wife. I divide my time between volunteering and fundraising for the kid’s sports.

ACT has proven that they have the ability to lead New Zealand and protect what is important to all of us. I am an advocate for a democratic New Zealand, truth, honesty and transparency. It’s time to stand up and relinquish the antiquated policies of the major political parties. With your help, we can achieve great things.