I grew up in Taranaki surrounded by farmland and freedom.  I started my first business at 16 and bought my first shares on the NZX shortly after. I’ve owned several different businesses and spent years trading the financial markets, working in Europe and New Zealand.  I manage global share portfolios for wholesale investors and am a popular contributor to the daily investment news site, Wealth Morning. I’m happily married with two children (11 and 15) and live on Auckland’s North Shore. Outside of investing and politics, I love the great outdoors, reading/podcasts and am currently learning Italian. I’m a fourth-generation Kiwi with Italian, English and Scottish ancestry.

Sadly I see less opportunity now than when I was in my twenties and thirties. New Zealand’s No. 8 wire mentality is rusting away with over-regulation and the cultural shift that follows that. It would be great to bring back the values I grew up with; personal responsibility, integrity and ingenuity. I see ACT as the party that can best free-up opportunity, deal with the cost of living crisis and unlock the housing deadlock facing younger Kiwis.