I was born and raised in Otago, attended high school and Polytech in Dunedin, and have called Lake Hawea home ever since (albeit spending several years working overseas). Following my Mechanical Engineering studies, I pursued a career in industrial maintenance which took me from the ski resorts of Otago to the resources sector in Australia, on to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and later to Papua New Guinea. These days I am self-employed, providing asset management and maintenance engineering services to industry. In my spare time, I like riding motorbikes, listening to macroeconomic forecasts, and fabricating projects in the shed.

My background has instilled the important relationship between cause and effect. Doing the work to understand the root of a problem is the only sure path to solving it. New Zealand has always been a nation of problem solvers - innovators who think creatively and are willing to do the hard yards. I am certain we will find solutions to the problems of today and the future, given the freedom to utilise these skills. ACT demonstrate these qualities in budget and policy development, and is the only party promoting more freedoms for everyday Kiwis to do the same.