I was born in Southland and am now living in Rangiora. For the last 32 years, I have owned and operated a number of SME businesses. In 2007, my wife and I changed directions and started a General Insurance brokerage, which we continue to operate today. As commercial insurance brokers, we interact with hundreds of people and their business operations, from lawyers, accountants to our local builders and plumbers. I have been married to Jan since 1984 and we have three adult sons together.

I like to see myself as open to new ideas. I see obstacles as opportunities to be overcome. For me, new ideas need not be perfect. I would be happy if we simply progress things a little. Moving forward is not a smooth journey. Setbacks will occur. We learn and improve as we strive for excellence. I am here to help the people in my little piece of the world, and the ACT party is, I believe, the best vehicle to that end.