I am an Auckland-born Chinese and father to a 14-year-old son. I am a semi-retired caterer - on our largest day, we fed 7,500 people. Based at Eden Park for 20 years, we became recognized as the best Sports Stadium in the world for Test Cricket food. I follow many sports, and being diabetic, I am keen on physical & mental well-being, as well as keeping abreast of global politics.

I am running for ACT because I believe we need real change. We need to stop wasteful spending, clamp down on crime, and restore lawful order. We also need to address the generational issues that are holding us back, such as low education standards and obesity. We need to empower parents to take responsibility for their children, and we need to create an environment where people can succeed through hard work and determination. I am committed to fighting for a better future for New Zealand.