My father, a war hero from World War II, instilled in me courage, integrity, and service - the values I have carried throughout my life. In 2003, I migrated to New Zealand from Kerala, India, with my wife and children. Despite the challenge of starting from scratch, I secured a temporary position in property management, before becoming the site manager at Landcare Research. I then worked as the National Facilities Manager for Fuji Xerox NZ Ltd. Alongside my career, I am also a passionate competitive rifle shooter. My sons have achieved success in their careers, one as an engineer and the other as a chartered accountant, reinforcing my belief in the power of education and opportunities.

My motivation stems from a deep-rooted belief in individual freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government intervention. I am driven to create a society where individuals are empowered to make their own choices and pursue their aspirations without excessive bureaucratic interference. I advocate for policies that prioritise economic growth, innovation, and personal liberty. Through my candidacy, I aim to champion the principles of individualism, self-determination and prosperity for all New Zealanders.