I am an immigrant from Poland. Growing up in Poland, I observed the end of the communist era and its aftermath. After finishing my education I emigrated to the UK before settling in New Zealand. I have worked as a structural engineer all my life, investing my accumulated professional experience into my consultancy here. I am involved in Engineering NZ in Hawkes Bay. I am married with one son who is finishing high school this year. In my free time, I fly a paraglider and have been training in karate for over 10 years, recently passing my blackbelt test.

The recent 6 years of the Labour Government, although not directly comparable to experiences from my youth, produce familiar pictures of life in communist Poland. New Zealand is a land of opportunity where people of all backgrounds can reach their full potential through hard work and determination. I believe ACT’s policies support this vision. I consider the values of personal freedom, free speech, equality of rights, suffrage and duties to be instrumental in building a modern liberal democracy with long-term prosperity and success.