I immigrated to New Zealand from India in 1995 and continued my education by doing a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Auckland. I worked as a scientist, businesswoman, broadcaster and community advocate before becoming the first Indian born woman to be a Member of Parliament during the 2014 General Election. I also served as the Chair of an NGO helping victims of domestic violence, a Community Representative on the Film and Video Labelling Body and as a Families Commissioner. I am currently working as the Technical Director for Kiwi Empire Confectionery Limited, a Director of Core Ceuticals Pacific Limited and a Board Member of Totara Hospice. I live in Auckland with my husband and our two sons.

I have always been an admirer of ACT as a principled party. While serving as a Member of Parliament, I was able to play a major part in giving back. I believe there is more that I can offer. I have always taken an evidence-based and pro-innovation approach to policy. I believe ACT is the only political party to take this approach. I look forward to campaigning hard for ACT to help our team achieve a great result in the election.