I’m 22 years old, Auckland born and raised in Whangārei. I’m a former physics student at the University of Auckland, and have experience working on Northland’s data and fibre optic network, as well as manufacturing blinds in Penrose. I’m the current President of Young ACT and work full-time with ACT as the Information Systems Manager. This has put me in a unique position of experiencing the issues facing students, tradies and workers of my generation and I am passionate about making a difference.

It shouldn’t be a big ask to want to be proud of our country, but here we are. I’ve seen more and more of my friends look overseas for a better future, and I’d be lying if I hadn’t too. The grim reality is we’ve been losing our best and brightest for years. We need real change, now. I’m standing for ACT because I believe we can achieve a fairer tax system, and a free society, and secure a brighter future for my generation.