I was born and raised in Howick, attended Cockle Bay Primary, then St Peter's College in Epsom. I Graduated from Auckland University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science. I am currently living in Flatbush with my wife, where we have raised our 3 children. My working life has included horticulture, retail, the liquor trade and various roles in transport and logistics. I enjoy working, it is good for the soul. My 3-decade journey in target-shooting is a fantastic mental and physical discipline, that has included representing New Zealand.

I believe free speech and private property rights build the fundamental bedrock for a free and prosperous society. Our nation needs to focus on tax and welfare reform, in equal measure, to release the handbrake on our economy. We must reject mediocrity and aim for excellence. Well-researched and evidence-based public policy should provide the framework for individuals to construct and manage their own futures. Kiwis deserve a better deal. We need to make hard decisions and brave choices to effect real change.