Born, bred and live on the North Shore - I could have been a professional sailor, but I became a business advisor and tax accountant instead, as there was no money in sailing at that time. I’ve been happily married for 30 years, with 2 adult sons, who have not moved out of home (mainly due to house prices). With 28 years of owning an accounting practice, I have a proven passion for helping business owners and people, both through my own business and voluntary work. I like chess but accept I will never be a grandmaster.

Our government does what feels good rather than what is right and logical. ACT reflects my values and how I was raised. Unfortunately, small businesses in New Zealand lack adequate representation at the government level. My goal is to establish stronger ties between ACT and small business owners. With my experience as a former candidate, a current councillor, and involvement in SME policy, I recognize the importance of following the rules and being part of a team. I offer a high level of professionalism, skillset, connections, and work ethic that would give great value both to ACT, business owners and my country.