I am a former ACT Party Youth MP who represented Nicole McKee MP at Youth Parliament in 2022. I sit on the ACT Region 8 committee and the Young ACT Canterbury committee, where I am studying towards an LLB and a BA in Political Science and Strategic Communication. I also sit on the committee of the Sporting Shooters Association of New Zealand. I grew up in Invercargill and attended Verdon College before moving to Christchurch to start my degree in 2022, where I now work as an RA in one of the UC Halls.

My involvement in the ACT Party began due to my opposition to rushed firearms legislation in 2019 preventing me from competing in certain divisions of my sport. The ACT Parties' classical liberal values align with my personal views around personal freedom, responsibility and limited government interference. I believe that all people have equal rights and should be given equal opportunities to succeed. I support laws and policies which help keep our communities safe and allow our country to be productive and prosperous.