I moved to New Zealand over 10 years ago for my sister’s promise of an unlimited supply of dark chocolate here. Since then, I have completed a Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, clocked in 9 years of industry experience.

Thanks to my work as a structural engineer, I know how challenging it will be to fix the housing problem, and how there is no magic solution to it. I also have friends and loved ones who are farmers, police workers and doctors in the public health system. I hope my understanding of their hopes and difficulties might bring the desired positive change in these sectors.

I am standing for ACT because it is the only party that has solid core values, speaks honestly and clearly, offers practical solutions, and listens to people. Through my volunteering work and personal interaction with the ACT caucus, I saw that it is full of sincere, motivated, and competent people. Therefore, it came as no surprise to me that I decided to join the movement for real change, and I believe that the ACT party is the one that can deliver it.