I was raised, schooled and educated in Auckland. I have dedicated my professional life to the practice of law and have established a successful career as a lawyer in my community. I am a family man who believes in giving back to society. I have volunteered as a surf lifesaver and worked with various charitable organisations - lending a hand wherever needed to make a difference. All of these experiences have taught me the value of service, the importance of community and the power of collaboration.

I firmly believe that both of the major political parties, namely Labour and National, have lost touch with their constituents. Due to poor national management and a real lack of opposition, New Zealand is now on the verge of major social, economic and political upheaval. As a business owner, I feel completely let down by the Government. A political change needs to happen, and that change is in the form of the ACT Party. I want to play a part in this momentous change and forge a new path for the ordinary New Zealander.