I was born and raised in Venezuela, where my early childhood was spent on a family farm. At the age of 17, I embarked on a solo journey to New Zealand to pursue my studies. After four years of dedicated effort, I proudly earned my Engineering degree from the University of Auckland. As a chartered professional in the water industry, I have spent over 10 years building a successful career as a stormwater engineer specialising in flood hazard assessments. Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a passion for wildlife and consider myself a wanderlust enthusiast, always seeking new adventures.

I hold a strong desire to serve New Zealand - the country I proudly call home which has provided me with countless opportunities. I believe that only by having ACT in the next government can we effectively address the cost-of-living crisis, increasing crime rates and co-governance. I embrace ACT's principles of limited government, free market economy, personal responsibility, freedom of speech and fiscal responsibility. I am convinced these principles are fundamental to a prosperous and fair society. I am optimistic that New Zealand's finest days are yet to come and I am determined to fight for a brighter future for New Zealand!