I strongly believe in equality, freedom of choice and personal responsibility for everyone.

During my 25-year career in corporate banking and foreign exchange, I developed a deep understanding of the domestic and global economy, working with organisations in the public and private sectors.
A key to growing our economy is to encourage growth in exports and small businesses, not stifling our No. 8 wire ingenuity as the current government is doing.
Owning a kiwifruit and avocado orchard in the Coromandel electorate, I have been a vocal advocate for solutions to the challenges confronting the horticulture industry.
I know what it’s like raising a child as a single parent, to be made redundant, to support someone you love through mental illness, to lose a crop following a storm, to wonder how to pay the bills; as those are some of my life experiences.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to effect real change to our economy and to enable better outcomes in education and healthcare by representing our electorate.