I have spent my entire life in the Howick/Botany area, and currently reside here with my husband and two daughters. I have two decades of experience as a business owner and am committed to my community’s prosperity. I am a member of the Howick Local Board and have been involved in various community initiatives, from the APPA board, to organising the renowned Howick Santa Parade. Nicknamed “Bo on the Go”, I exude enthusiasm and am passionate about making a positive impact on those around me.

As an ACT representative, my priorities are clear: I aim to advocate for reduced crime, responsible spending, and the elimination of divisive, race-based policies. I believe in practical solutions and policies that benefit all New Zealanders and uphold the core values of integrity and fairness. ACT's modern and fresh approach is what is needed to achieve tangible results and genuine progress, for the betterment of all citizens.