I was raised and live in Christchurch and have a 4-month-old daughter. I joined the Army as an Officer at 20 years old and have deployed on multiple operations. I am privileged to have worked alongside various partners and New Zealand’s finest. Being exposed to numerous cultures and life experiences has fostered my personal and professional development. I’m a gym-goer, intrepid traveller, scuba diver, and enjoy history, politics, and socialising with friends and family. I hold a BA in Politics and History, PGDip in International Security and Intelligence, and am currently completing a Master's degree in Emergency Management.

New Zealand needs people with skillsets who understand the bigger picture and are motivated to serve all New Zealanders. ACT is anchored by logical libertarian principles and understands New Zealand’s prosperity is achieved through sound domestic policy, regional security and peace. New Zealand society is disenfranchised - we need unity during an uncertain era of global competition. My defence background has afforded me a vast skillset, from policy development, foreign affairs to national disaster response. With ACT, I will continue to serve my country to provide a better future not only for my daughter but for all New Zealanders.