I am originally from India and moved to New Zealand in 2012. I have a Grad Dip in Sociology from the University of Waikato and studied Data Science papers at Victoria University. I am a Senior Data Consultant by profession specialising in data governance. I have also previously worked for Parliamentary Service and different public agencies. My dad was an electrical engineer on cargo and crude oil carrier ships, so as a kid, I travelled around the world with my family. I got married earlier this year and live in Christchurch with my husband and our two cats. When I am not working or campaigning I enjoy cooking and travelling.

As a young professional and someone who values evidence-based decision-making, I want to make New Zealand a better place for everyone, not just a limited section of society. It's time we create modern policies which have real tangible benefits to hardworking New Zealanders. The cost of living, increasing crime, biased healthcare and the failing education system are all serious concerns. This is not the direction I want our country to take. ACT is going to create real change to benefit all New Zealanders. I am standing as the candidate to be a part of that change.