Friday, 19 July 2019

19 July 2019


This week the Youth Parliament sat and it was encouraging to see and hear a number of young people speak on Freedom of Speech.  Ali Gammeter and Gabriel Tagi have strong futures as community leaders ahead of them if these speeches are anything to go by.

You can support our call for Free Speech to be protected by signing our petition.


The so-called gun “buy-back” got underway last week and aren’t we all relieved that a couple of hundred guns have been taken off law-abiding citizens who either weren’t using them or had no future use for them and could do with the spending money, or were just trying to do the right thing. How many people with previous violence-related convictions turned up to cash theirs in? How many illegal firearms were handed over for no compensation?

“People who are prepared to line up in the full public glare and hand in their firearms at below-market rates are not the people we should be worried about, […]

“We're spending millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to take the least-dangerous guns out of circulation, and eroding the trust of the law-abiding firearms community," said Seymour.

ACT is still consulting on our draft firearms policy and so this week welcomed Kiwi Gun Blog’s Mike Loder onto our podcast Politics in Full Sentences.  It has had a record number of views and comments. If you didn’t tune in, watch it now or download from Podcasts NZ.


A frank and refreshing take on superannuation, however, I disagree with the implication that this is affordable. I’d be interested to hear Ms Sparks’ further commentary on the sustainability of superannuation at age 65.

The 2019 Wellbeing Budget allocated $27.8 billion to the welfare system.

Who cracked off with more than half of it? Granny and Grandad. A cool $15.5b or 55 per cent of welfare payments.

There are substantial savings to be made by incrementally increasing the age of entitlement to superannuation.

The obvious thing is that we’re all living longer, unless you’re like the subject of this article, where a “teetotal vegan non-smoker bores himself to death”.


We have a few events for ACT supporters in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch coming up. With a recent influx of new members this is a great opportunity to meet. Check out our website for details.


Are you one of a number of growing people thinking that only ACT is a party proposing sensible solutions, aspirational policies, the only party acting in true opposition to the current government? Then please help us spread the word. Mainstream media rarely reports on our policies, preferring sound-bytes and personality contests.  But if you took a moment to forward this e-mail to just five of your friends who you thought might be interested in its contents, and they forwarded it to five friends… ACT would be assured of an increased party vote next year and return more candidates to parliament.


Beth Houlbrooke

Deputy Leader / Vice President