Robin Grieve - Standing Up for Northland

Robin Grieve (55) is a Northland avocado orchardist and  operates a consultancy business in health and safety. 

Robin has lived and worked in Northland for most of his working life. His background is in dairy farming. 

Robin and his wife of 32 years have brought up their family in Northland.  

Having been self-employed since the age of 22 and employed many people over 33 years Robin knows the issues businesses in Northland face.

He is very keen to promote ACT Party principles of Freedom, Prosperity and Choice as the way to jump start the Northland economy. 

As a farmer Robin is also very keen to strengthen private property rights which are slowly being eroded. 

Northland is a region rich in natural resources but its mineral wealth is locked away by urban environmentalists.

Our beaches and tourist spots are world class but tourists have to drive hundreds of kilometres on sub-standard roads to get to them. This has a chilling effect on Northland’s economy. 

National’s next Puhoi motorway extension does not go far enough, it hardly scratches the lower limits of the electorate. 

Robin and ACT have always supported investment in infrastructure and Northland is not getting its fair share.   

A recent report identified that there are too many people in Northland who are not actively engaged in either work, training or education, and that this is negatively affecting the economy of Northland. ACT has a comprehensive programme of welfare and education reforms which will address that and transform the region economically. 

Placing lifetime limits on welfare entitlements has transformed welfare overseas, making welfare the hand up it was originally intended to be, not the hand out trap that it has become in New Zealand for too many.

 ACT’s partnership schools will have generational benefits. Of the 3 partnership schools operating in Northland 2 are experiencing phenomenal results and changing the educational outcomes and future possibilities of hundreds of Northland children. 

Burglary, including stock theft is out of control in parts of Northland. ACT understands the devastation this sort of crime causes and wants to introduce a tough new penalty regime for burglary which will operate on a 3 strikes basis. The introduction of similar systems overseas have reduced burglary by 40%. 

Robin is very proud to represent ACT and seeks your vote. 

A vote for Robin Grieve is;

  • A vote for Northland to get a fair share, sending a message about the importance of rural New Zealand
  • A vote for a candidate who reflects Northland values, self employed, agricultural, approachable.
  • A vote that will send a message to John Key that his government is not doing enough to capture the tremendous economic opportunities we have.
  • A vote that will remind the Government that it is its role to protect our rights but not to assume our responsibilities. 


Change the government without changing the Government by giving Robin Grieve your vote. 


Robin Grieve

ACT Northland Candidate

09 523 0470