ACT supports marine protection areas but calls for consistent compensation

ACT Leader David Seymour welcomes the Government’s proposal to pass a marine protection Act, with some reservations.

“Recreational and commercial fishers alike know we don’t have the abundance of fisheries available to generations past.  We need to do better at conserving fish and their habitats while giving mineral and fishery investors certainty.

“For too long we’ve had an ad hoc approach that is overly politicised and uncertain for investors.

New ocean sanctuary welcome, but compensation principle important

ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of an Ocean Sanctuary in the Kermadec region, but says the government must consider the costs imposed on private businesses.

“An important principle is at stake here. If justified, existing operators in fisheries and mining should be fully compensated,” said Mr Seymour.

Car ban for mountains problematic, out of the blue

The planned ban on car access to Auckland’s volcanoes is out of the blue and undemocratic, says ACT Leader and Epsom MP David Seymour.

“The Maunga Authority’s decision to end vehicle access to the top of Mount Eden and other cones comes after the government had promised that the Authority would not compromise existing public access and use rights [1].

“It is hard to reconcile that promise with this week’s announcement. For many New Zealanders, such as the elderly or those with injuries or disabilities, a ban on cars will effectively be an end to access.