Newmarket school building funds welcome – Seymour

Epsom MP David Seymour has welcomed Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye’s commitment to building eight new classrooms at Newmarket Primary.

“I frequently visit the school and it is an outstanding learning environment led by a great principal,” said Mr Seymour.  “It is good to see the Government investing in expanding quality schools.”

The announcement comes as Auckland Council seeks to concentrate growth in the centre of the city.

State school failure shows value of Partnership Schools

Failing state schools are avoiding closure, which shows the value of the Partnership Schools model, says ACT Leader David Seymour. A New Zealand Initiative report shows some state schools poorly perform for at least a decade.

“It’s an open secret that certain state schools just aren’t up to scratch, even after years of negative reviews and interventions,” said Mr Seymour.

Budget 2016: More Partnership Schools to open in 2018 and 2019

Students and parents will be offered greater choice in education as a result of Budget 2016’s funding for around seven new Partnership Schools|Kura Hourua, Under-Secretary to the Minister of Education David Seymour says.

The schools will join the eight Partnership Schools already open, along with further new schools opening in 2017.

“The growth of this policy is a reflection of the high level of interest from educators and community leaders,” Mr Seymour says.

“Last year, for example, we received 26 applications, well in excess of the funding available.

Under-Secretary welcomes independent entity to support Partnership Schools

An independent Partnership School support entity, E Tipu E Rea, has been established to support new, existing, and prospective Partnership School sponsors and will receive a conditional funding grant.

“The development of an independent support entity shows the maturation of the policy, bringing Partnership Schools into line with international charter school models,” Under-Secretary to the Minister of Education David Seymour says.

“England has the New Schools Network, New York has the New York Charter School Centre, and New Zealand now has E Tipu E Rea.

ACT welcomes cross-party support for Partnership Schools

ACT, National and the Maori Party have pledged to vote down Chris Hipkins’ Charter Schools Abolition Bill.

“Labour’s mean-spirited bill sought to close down all eight partnership schools and force 900 students to go elsewhere,” says ACT leader David Seymour.

“This is despite the very promising initial results from these schools.  It’s crazy that Labour wants to close schools that deliver outstanding NCEA results for kids who have struggled in the state system.

Funding policy to blame for Corelli school liquidation

ACT Leader David Seymour has criticised the unfair playing field for private schools in response to the liquidation of Corelli International Academic School of the Arts.

“It’s deeply disappointing to see such a respected private school threatened with closure due to financial obstacles,” says Mr Seymour.

“These schools compete with state schools, but at huge disadvantage. Private school funding was capped 15 years ago, the same year Corelli was founded, while state school funding has increased year-on-year.

Partnership School debate welcomed

ACT Leader David Seymour welcomes a debate on abolishing partnership schools, but has some questions for bill sponsor Chris Hipkins.

“Has Chris Hipkins ever visited a partnership school?” asks Mr Seymour.

“Does he have the support of Labour MPs with partnership schools in their electorates?

“Will he close down existing partnership schools? If not, why not?

“Did he draft his bill in consultation with the teacher unions? Has he received congratulations from the unions or their offices since his bill was drawn?

Seymour challenges Dom Post editorial writer to name themselves and visit a Partnership School

ACT Leader David Seymour is challenging the author of the Dominion Post’s editorial Unfair bias to charter schools to identify themselves and actually visit Partnership Schools Kura Hourua.

“The Dom Post’s editorial page has featured a string of attacks on and insinuation about Partnership Schools. These columns are anonymous, but the paranoid hyperbole appears to be that of a single author. They ought to name themselves, so they can be accountable for their claims.

Labour chooses votes over education quality

Since Labour introduced interest free student loans, New Zealand’s Universities have tumbled down the world rankings, and ACT Leader David Seymour says that the two are connected.

“Labour’s approach to education is funding for votes, and quality be damned,” says Mr Seymour.

Since 2006 the University of Auckland has fallen from 46th to 82nd, and Otago to 173rd from 79th.

Seymour supports proposal for school closure

ACT Leader David Seymour supports the Minister of Education’s proposal to terminate the agreement under which Whangaruru partnership school Te Pūmanawa o te Wairua operates.

“The possibility of occasional school failures was accepted during both the formulation of the policy and the authorisation of each school,” said Mr Seymour.