Huge opportunities in tertiary Partnership School sponsorship

ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the introduction of the Education Legislation Bill, which will allow tertiary institutions to apply to sponsor Partnership Schools.

“This is paving the way for unprecedented innovation, allowing New Zealand’s highest learning institutions to apply their resources and expertise to secondary and primary age students," said Mr Seymour.

Education (Charter Schools Curriculum) Amendment Bill - First reading

DAVID SEYMOUR (Leader—ACT): I rise on behalf of the ACT Party in opposition to this bill. We in this House have great privileges and a great deal of time and opportunity to use them, with the ultimate product supposedly being better public policy for all New Zealanders. I am afraid to say that this bill and the speech by the member moving it, Phil Goff, last time we met for a members’ day, fails dismally on that test.

Hipkins tries to make bad from good

“The contest within Labour over whether or not to support the partnership schools that are already helping numerous Kiwi kids has boiled over today, with a bizarre press release from Labour Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

Mr Hipkins was reacting to NZ Herald speculation that some US philanthropists may, possibly in conjunction with Ngai Tahu, build another partnership school in New Zealand.

“Whether that might happen I have no idea, but most kiwis would think that a wonderful thing,” said Mr Seymour.

PPTA doesn’t understand who employs teachers

The case of the trainee teacher caught in the political campaigning of the PPTA is a national disgrace, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The PPTA doesn’t seem to understand that whether a teacher is employed in the state sector, an integrated school, or a partnership school, they are employed by taxpayers. And as taxpayers we elect governments to take decisions on our behalf,” said Mr Seymour.

Teachers with a conscience should leave the PPTA

“The PPTA’s blacklisting of a student teacher because he taught briefly at a Whangarei Partnership School is a shameful abuse of union power and teachers with a conscience should leave the union,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“It is a sad day when old-fashioned union muscle is used to damage the prospects of a student teacher because the union disagrees with the policies of an elected government.