Statement by John Banks re: 2010 Auckland Mayoralty Campaign Return

John Banks today welcomed the news that there will be a second investigation into his 2010 Auckland Mayoralty Campaign electoral return.

“As I have said previously, my electoral return was filed in accordance with the law as set out by the Local Electoral Act 2001.  I am 100% confident that the investigation will conclude in my favour,” Mr Banks said.
Comments by a former employee of Mr Dotcom in today’s New Zealand Herald confirmed the anonymity of the donation.    They said “they had personally deposited the cheques into Mr Banks' campaign account.  It was “… deposited just through a normal bank process.  It would have just come up as a $25,000 deposit."
 “I was not aware that Mr Dotcom had made this donation to my campaign.
 “I did not call him to thank him as the donation was made anonymously.

"I can confirm that I had contact with Mr Dotcom on other matters, including thanking him for the generous $500,000 donation that he made to the ratepayers of Auckland for the 2010 New Year’s Eve fireworks display, however I never called and thanked him for any donation to my Mayoral campaign.  I could not have as any such contribution was anonymous.

“As this matter is under investigation, I will not comment further until the investigation is complete,” Mr Banks said.