RMA: Further Changes Needed

The release of the ‘Improving our resource management system’ discussion document is a start, but further changes to the RMA are still needed, ACT Leader John Banks said today.   

“The Resource Management Act is not working.  That’s why we put RMA reform in the ACT – National Confidence and Supply Agreement,” Mr Banks said.

“Rather than making the development process easier, as intended, the RMA has become a 900 page employment, investment and growth destroying machine. 

“ACT’s ‘Freedom to Build’ policy shows where we think National should head.

“We must strengthen the private property rights of landowners.  We must restore the right to compensation if a landowner’s rights are taken or infringed.  And we must make housing more affordable by removing the artificial restrictions on land.

“National has a one in twenty year opportunity to fix the RMA.   The discussion document put forward today isn’t enough,” Mr Banks said.


Act's Freedom To Build policy can be found here