Labour MPs caught lying on homophobia in their midst

ACT Wellington Central Candidate Stephen Whittington today called on Labour MPs Grant Robertson and Charles Chauvel to denounce the homophobic comments of their Labour Party colleagues rather than shamelessly attempt to cover them up.
“Last night at a Rainbow Wellington meeting Mr Chauvel and Mr Robertson accused me of lying when I said that there are Labour MPs who abuse Attorney-General Hon Christopher Finlayson about his sexuality and call him ‘Tinkerbell’ in the House,” Mr Whittington said.
“Unfortunately for Mr Chauvel and Mr Robertson, it was they who were lying.  Both Clayton Cosgrove and Trevor Mallard are recorded in Hansard as abusing Hon Chris Finlayson for his sexuality.
“It is a shame that rather than denouncing their colleagues’ homophobic comments last night they instead publicly accused me of lying when I did not.  Homophobia is deplorable, and shooting the messenger for pointing it out is deplorable.
Mr Whittington is running against Mr Robertson in the Wellington Central electorate and hopes that Mr Robertson is prepared to debate the issues rather than resort to the types of personal invective obviously favoured by his colleagues like Mr Mallard and Mr Cosgrove.
"I hope that, in the future, Charles Chauvel and Grant Robertson are as quick to reprimand their colleagues for homophobia as they were to accuse me of lying," Mr Whittington said.