Kiwis Don’t Trust Government on Super

A UMR poll showing the majority of Kiwis favour compulsory Kiwisaver is proof that the public does not buy the Government’s message that current superannuation entitlements are sustainable, ACT New Zealand Parliamentary Leader John Boscawen said today.

“Kiwis know that superannuation in its current form will become unaffordable.  Today’s poll proves that most people see the situation as so dire that compulsory Kiwisaver will be needed if retirees are to have enough to live on,” Mr Boscawen said.

“The number of workers per retiree is projected to fall from 4.5 to 2.2 by the year 2033.  It is clear that superannuation will become unaffordable unless changed and today’s poll shows that the public can see this.

“Superannuation faces many challenges over the coming decades.  There is no silver bullet but committing to increase the retirement age over time is a fair solution and one which the Government should not bury its head in the sand over,” Mr Boscawen said.