Harper Royal Does Not Represent Views Of New Orleans' Parents

Karran Harper Royal, the Anti Charter School advocate whom teacher unions have paid to parade out from New Orleans, has a lot to hide.

While she claims to represent New Orleans people, it has not been reported that in last year's election for the Orleans Parish School Board, Harper Royal finished third and last with only ten per cent of the vote.  The winner, with fifty eight per cent of the vote, was a vocal charter school advocate.

Perhaps that is because, according to the widely quoted Stanford University CREDO study, her home state of Louisiana is one where charter schools have lifted academic achievement for low income and minority students.

Even if Harper Royal did speak for the people of New Orleans, the Partnership School program proposed in New Zealand is quite different to the charter school policy in place there.  While their policy was introduced wholesale in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, ours is a pilot scheme that will be a voluntary pilot affecting only those who want to be involved.

The dishonest way that the unions have foisted Harper Royal on New Zealand smacks of their desperation to maintain their self-serving grip on New Zealand children's education.