Don Nicolson

Farmers have a clear choice this election

Don Nicolson ACT Primary Industries Spokesman

Farmers have a clear choice this election

“On the final day of the election campaign ACT is still hearing from farmers who are upset with National, especially with their policy to legislate and make farmers do what they have voluntarily agreed to do; that is to fence off their waterways.

It seems a cynical and cheap shot by National to buy urban votes” said ACT Party Primary Industry spokesman Don Nicolson.

ACT says Feds boss right to be wary of shadow party ambition

“Dr William Rolleston, Federated Farmers boss, is right to caution the primary industry of his concern about downright awful permutations over Ministerial roles should the 'left' cabal seize power after September 20,” Don Nicolson ACT primary industry spokesperson says.

Feds' Manifesto- ACT says business as usual is not ok

“A cursory read of Federated Farmers 2014 election manifesto shows their key policy aspiration was nothing much new, but perhaps that’s to be expected from an apolitical lobby group, not a political party, ” ACT primary industry spokesman and former Federated Farmers president Don Nicolson says.

Greens misguided - fencing and planting will not solve nitrate runoff

“Riparian fencing and planting are not the total solution to nitrate run off,” said ACT Rural Spokesman Don Nicolson.

“This is because the nitrates permeate into ground water and the water runs below the root depth of vegetation on the riparian strip. This accounts for the majority of the nitrate that runs into fresh water. It follows that most of the nitrate will not be stopped by the Greens' policy. Planting and fencing is a lot of expense to go to when no one has really quantified whether it will be effective enough.

Greens' irrigation policy is dishonest

“The Green party is confused on the true cost of water,” says ACT Rural Affairs spokesman Don Nicolson.

“The only cost water has is the opportunity cost to a person who is deprived of the water by you using it.

"If you use the water for irrigation and someone wants to use it for an alternative purpose then whoever is prepared to make the best offer to use the water establishes the true price of the water.

"ACT believes the best way to establish the true value of water is by the use of tradable water permits.

Every Party but ACT is behaving like overwrought socialists on the sale of land

They are all at it, Mr Key, Mr Peters, Mr Craig and Mr Cunliffe. National New Zealand First the Conservatives and the Labour Party telling New Zealand Farmers who they can sell, their land to.

This xenophobic populism simply to get votes risks permanent damage to the property rights of New Zealanders.

ACT values the rights citizens have in their most important asset, their property. Government bossing property owners as to whom they can sell land is trampling on the rights of property owners.

ACT wants politicians to stop meddling in private property

ACT wants politicians to stop meddling in private property
Press Release, Don Nicolson


“With the news about a pending sale of privately owned Lochinver Station to Shanghai Pengxin  once again stirring anti-foreigner feeling, politicians must show respect for private property”, ACT’s Primary industry spokesman Don Nicolson says. 

Spat between Minister Smith and Fish and Game overdue - ACT

With the latest spat between Minister Nick Smith and Fish and Games Bryce Johnston hitting fever pitch, ACT Primary Industry Spokesman Don Nicolson says a review of the Fish and Game legislation will be an ACT ambition in the next parliament.

“If Dr Smith is sincere about his recollection of a discussion with Mr Johnston recently, then it is clear he needs the legislative privilege of Fish and Game reviewed,” says Mr Nicolson.

Don Nicolson – Speech to ACT Southern Forum

Don Nicolson – ACT Candidate  for Clutha Southland

Speech to ACT Southern Forum

July 20, 2014

Mr Chairman, thank you for the opportunity to address the ACT southern area conference today with this day being 63 days-yes 9 weeks out from the general election.

An election that will obviously not only define who is the government for the next 3 years and who will be the opposition but also define the future of the very party I am proud to represent ACT.

Zespri monopoly must be held to account

The recent Bay Of Plenty Times report, 'New Fraud Crisis for Zespri' shows why ACT has remained so staunch about the need to have a Ministerial inquiry launched into the behaviour of the state-sanctioned kiwifruit marketing monopoly Zespri, says ACT Primary Industries Spokesman Don Nicolson.

The article, which explores invoicing irregularities in Zespri’s Taiwan market, highlights serious problems within Zespri - problems which were initially brought to the Government's attention by ACT some 18 months ago.