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Free Press - 26/04/2016

Lest we Forget
This week Free Press honours those who lost their lives so that we might live in a free society.  Those who made the ultimate sacrifice, those who served in conflict, and those who continue to serve in the New Zealand Defence Force.

Free Press - 18/4/2016

Trudeau I
As a conviction politician, Pierre Trudeau changed Canada.  Mostly for the worse, but he did have some good convictions such as declaring that the ‘state has no place in the bedroom.’

Free Press - 11/04/2016

Defending the Right to Choose
This week, Free Press reviews Labour and the teacher unions’ reflexive and self-interested opposition to Partnership Schools Kura Hourua.
Strong Demand

Free Press - 4/04/2016

Bad Economists Make Bad Environmentalists
The Green Party is all over the map this week, threatening to sabotage capitalism while capitalists are saving the planet.

Have Electric Cars Finally Arrived?
The Nissan Leaf is no longer sold new in New Zealand, the Holden Volt appears to be a flop, and reports are in that the BMW i3, in many ways an impressive vehicle, has a disappointing range.  Is the weekend announcement by Tesla the game breaker?

Free Press - 28/03/2016

Do you Want $200 or Not?
Labour won the 1957 election with the promise of a hand out.  The newspaper headlines asked “Do you want £100 or not?” Now the promise is adjusted for inflation at $200 every week.

Free Press - 22/03/2016

Our Greatest Tragedy
The Canterbury Earthquakes were New Zealand’s greatest natural disaster.  185 people died, thousands were injured, and the $40 billion repair bill made it the country’s most damaging natural disaster ever in dollar terms.

Free Press - 14/03/2016

A Thought Experiment
Rest assured, general raconteuring will be back.  But this week Free Press ponders a parallel world where MMP was introduced straight after the Muldoon Government and before the free market reforms of the '80s and early '90s.

Free Press - 7/03/2016

Poor Taxpayer
It seems like another age when political debate last gave the taxpayer a look in.  We’re supposed to be grateful we got through the Great Financial Crisis and the Canterbury Earthquakes, but the economic logic of lower flatter taxes hasn’t gone away.

Free Press - 29/02/2016

Outstanding Conference
ACT held a well-attended and highly positive conference on the weekend.  The media described it with words such as ‘upbeat.’  You can read David Seymour’s keynote speech here.

Free Press - 22/02/2016

Come One Come All
ACT’s 2016 conference is finally upon us. It’s taking place this Saturday in Orakei and is filling up but not full yet.  The range of speakers is outstanding.  Please register here: