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Free Press - 28/09/2015

Stating Our Values
Serial migrator Oliver Hartwich of the New Zealand Initiative has lived in Germany, England, Australia and New Zealand.  He observes that all countries put migrants through the wringer with endless forms before they can become residents and citizens, but New Zealand omits one that Australia requires Hartwich is hardly a fan of bureaucracy, but points out that we don’t require new immigrants to sign a Values Statement.

Free Press - 21/09/2015

New Zealanders Watch Rugby at Pub – World Keeps Turning
The first few games have been watched in pubs across the country.  It turns out New Zealanders are not a nation of irresponsible orangutans after all.  We’re thoroughly decent people who know how to enjoy ourselves, then go to work.  The only thing that should be banned is the All Black’s wobbly start against Argentina.

Free Press - 14/09/2015

The Difference a Year Can Make
3 News journalist Brook Sabin tweeted last week, “I thought David Seymour would be the death of ACT, I was wrong.”  Andrea Vance said David has pulled off an “amazing PR stunt,” and Paul Henry says he’s doing great.  Even Patrick Gower says he “could turn out to be a class act.”  This Sunday will be one year since the election, and Free Press looks back at a few highlights and why they might be saying these things.

Free Press - 7/09/2015

Real Labour MPs Break Ranks over Partnership Schools
As reported last week, Maori electorate Labour MPs Kelvin Davis and Peeni Henare broke ranks to attend a Partnership School fundraiser.  We call them real Labour MPs because they side with former Education Minister and Prime Minister Peter Fraser’s dictum over the clamouring of middle class teacher union reps who oppose Partnership Schools and almost anything sensible.

Free Press - 31/08/2015

Popular Measure Passes
ACT’s Bill to extend pub and club licensing hours has passed into law in time for the Rugby World Cup.  Parliament voted for the Bill five-votes-to-one so that people will be able to watch the rugby when games (held in the UK) fall outside normal licencing hours.

Free Press - 17/08/2015

New Partnership Schools Kura Hourua are Go
Last week the Government announced a new round of Partnership School applications.  Interested parties who would like to run a Partnership School have until October 30 to submit their proposal for running a new school.  They should have an innovative idea for running a school that will help the Government’s priority learners, Maori, Pasifika, special needs, and low income students.

Free Press - Rugby games and sea change

We’re Back
Free Press returns after a short recess.  ACT is the Party of Ideas, and we have been busy writing David Seymour’s second book for a summer tour. 

A Common Sense Solution
When the house resumes next Tuesday, David Seymour will table a bill for pubs to open early and show the rugby.  It follows a British law put in place during the Soccer world cup.