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ACT Radio Broadcast

Played on National Radio - Saturday 23 August 2014

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ACT announces Party List to contest 2014 election

The ACT Party is proud to announce its List for the 2014 election today.

“This list represents all the best elements of the ACT Party,” says ACT President John Thompson. “It blends young talent and experienced leaders, all outstanding in their fields of expertise and all sharing ACT’s vision of a free and prosperous New Zealand.

Government Needs to Rein in Councils

Government Needs to Rein in Councils
Press Release: Stephen Berry, ACT Candidate for Upper Harbour

ACT Upper Harbour candidate Stephen Berry says the Government needs to take urgent action to rein in Council spending across the country. “The power of general competence granted to local councils in 2002 is leading to widespread incompetence with ratepayer dollars. This blatant waste is only too obvious at Auckland Council.”

Corporate Welfare: Interview with Jamie Whyte on The Nation

New Zealand could save billions by ending corporate welfare. Jamie Whyte appeared on The Nation this weekend to talk about why taxpayers shouldn't be forced to invest in businesses via government subsidies.

Click here to watch the video.

ACT Party leader wins prestigious writing award

ACT Party leader wins prestigious writing award

​​The ACT Party congratulates its leader, Jamie Whyte, on winning the prestigious Institute of Economic Affairs’ Seldon Award this week.

The Seldon Award for Excellence, named after the first Editorial Director Arthur Seldon, is given to the author who has produced the best piece of writing for the IEA over the past two years.

What are ACT's policies and what do they mean?

If you’re working hard, shouldn’t you be able to spend your money as you wish? At the moment, the government is in the driver’s seat and we’re being taken for a ride.

ACT’s policies keep it simple: less government, more you.

We’ve taken to National’s budget with a fine-toothed comb and found $4 billion in wasteful spending. We’re the only party that’s produced a fully costed alternative budget.

What you get if you support ACT

ACT wants a progressive, vibrant New Zealand where individual choice, responsibility and excellence are the norm.  Do you want to live in a thriving country where you’re rewarded for your efforts, taxation is low and personal accountability is high? A vote for ACT can make it happen.

First, let’s get a handle on red tape and regulation. Sluggish policy equals economic stagnation. If New Zealand is to grow a stronger economy and a global reputation as a nation of opportunity, a review of asset ownership, state expenditure, the tax structure and the regulatory environment is a must.