Act Party

Free Press - 29/08/2016

Muldoon Lives!
On the weekend New Zealand First challenged the Prime Minister to dictate which branches Westpac could and couldn’t close, because Westpac is the Government’s banker.  The taxpayer would effectively be subsidising Westpac to keep some branches open for political reasons.

Free Press - 22/08/2016

David vs. Jacinda
In this week’s Sunday Star Times column, David Seymour argues that student loan interest write-offs have been bad policy and Jacinda as usual attacks the messenger.  Read the full column here.

Free Press - 15/08/2016

Growing Shoots
The number one determinant of educational success is school leadership and teacher quality, and New Zealand has one of the most unequal education systems in the world.  Thankfully this Government, with ACT’s pressure and support is opening up new ways of getting good educators in front of children.

Free Press - 8/08/2016

David vs Jacinda
In this week’s Sunday-Star Times shoot out, David argues that government as regulator moves too slow for people to take advantage of technological advances, citing Uber, e-cigarettes, and AirBnB as technologies that have caught the Government napping.  The column is now online here.

Free Press - 1/08/2016

Coming to Christchurch
If you have been missing ACT events in Christchurch this year, fear not.  David Seymour will address a gathering of ACT supporters and ACT-curious Cantabrians at Procope, 165 Victoria St, 7pm this Thursday August 4th.

Free Press - 25/07/2016

David vs Jacinda
This week David Seymour takes aim at the teacher unions’ bullying tactics, and Jacinda Ardern is a pyromaniac in a field of strawmen.  The full Sunday Star Column is here.  The Labour Party need to show they are capable of criticising the unions’ movement when it is out of line.

Free Press - 18/07/2016

Jennings for PM
Expat Kiwi billionaire Stephen Jennings made $5 billion as the only non-Russian oligarch in post-Soviet Russia.  Now he has a more ambitious plan to transform Africa as an urban developer, creating modern satellite cities for 70,000 people outside major African conurbations.  When he spoke in New Zealand last week, the most popular question was, when are you running for PM?

Free Press - 12/07/2016

In the Sunday Star this weekend, David argued: "The message would be simple. If you want to have children while receiving a benefit that's fine, but the Government will give entitlements in a form that puts the needs of the children first."


Free Press - 5/07/2016

The ‘Others’
In the cult television series Lost, the characters are tormented by the ‘others.’  Parliament recently has felt a bit like that with the Keep Kiwibank Bill, Foreign Homebuyer Bill, Panama Papers and even Tobacco Plain Packaging debates being turned into exercises in xenophobia.

Free Press - 27/06/2016

Some Numbers
The Baby Moko case is so evil and grotesque it will lead to much soul searching about child abuse and neglect in general.  Every year approximately 60,000 babies are born in New Zealand, 12,000 to a parent on a benefit.  There is something very wrong when a substantial proportion of New Zealanders think you needn’t have a job to provide for children.
ACT’s Solution? Children First