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Housing Affordability

Andrew Atkin explains, step by step, how housing affordability has been destroyed in New Zealand. 
There is a special focus on the impact of Metropolitan Urban Limits.

David Seymour answers reader questions for the NBR

Yesterday ACT Leader David Seymour took part in an Ask Me Anything session with the National Business Review. He answered questions on a variety of subjects, including Landcorp, Auckland transport, Working For Families, ACC, dating, and more.

It was an excellent session, and can be read here:

ACT pleased to enter Confidence and Supply Agreement with National

ACT is pleased to enter its third consecutive Confidence and Supply Agreement with the National Party.  We will continue the tradition of working to improve public policy for all New Zealanders while maintaining stable centre-right government.

Key features of the agreement:

Commitment to continue developing the Partnership School model (and David Seymour to be Under-Secretary to the Minister of Education)

ACT backgrounder: Simon Chapple and Jonathan Boston on rolling the dice on a minimum wage increase

“Some advocate raising the minimum wage significantly to reduce child poverty. Unfortunately, lifting minimum wages will do little for child poverty.

This is because most of the extra wages received by parents on low incomes will be clawed back by the Government. The most obvious losses are through income tax and ACC levies.

Further, families partly reliant on welfare benefits and partly on paid employment may lose part of their benefit. In addition, Working for Families payments and housing assistance are reduced as earnings rise.

Why you must tick ACT twice!

Reproduced with permission from National Business Review.

Authorised by Garry Mallett, 809 River Road, Hamilton.

ACT backgrounder: What will the first binding referenda be?

Possibilities include:

  • Decriminalising marijuana
  • Banning smoking
  • Allowing voluntary euthanasia
  • The living wage as the minimum wage
  • Life means life in prison
  • Same-sex marriages are legal, and marriage is only between a man and a woman
  • Entrenching the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Abolishing the Maori seats and/or entrenching the Maori seats
  • No school or post office should close
  • Reinstate capital punishment
  • Abortion on demand or Ban abortion
  • Compulsory Te Reo or no religious education in Schools
  • A New Zealand Republic or Entrench the monarchy
  • Redesign the New Zealand flag
  • Reintroduction of national service
  • Replace GST with a financial transactions tax

How to maximise your party vote and get the government re-elected (Find the Dotcopus Here)

You can increase the power of your Party vote by four times.

We all know we have two votes, an electorate vote and a party vote.

The way to vote effectively with your electorate vote, unless you live in Epsom or Ohariu, is to vote for either National or Labour.  Any other vote is wasted.

But with your Party vote it works the other way. This is because of a little understood feature of MMP.  From the Party List seats a party wins is deducted not added the number of electorates the party has won. In the case of National, the party won many electorates.  Last election it took 63 thousand Party Votes for National to elect a Party list MP.

John Ormond 1945-2014


John Ormond, one of ACT's founding members and our very first candidate selected, passed away on Monday 1 September. John was a great stalwart of the party and a great friend to many of us, and he will be missed.

John Ormond was a relentless campaigner for ACT. When Roger Douglas started setting up ACT in 1994, Hawkes' Bay quickly established an organisation for ACT. John Ormond spearheaded this effort. Roger and other ACT luminaries visited ACT intensively over the first few years of the Party, so ensuring a 6% party vote at the first MMP election in 1996.

New Zealand First is just too expensive

“The independent Taxpayers' Union now estimates that Winston Peters has made more spending promises than Labour and the Greens combined,” said Dr Whyte, ACT’s Leader.  

“I believe the Taxpayers' Union is underestimating New Zealand First’s promises, because every time I have appeared on a platform with Mr Peters I discover that he has never seen a spending proposal he does not like. At his present rate of promising, by Election Day New Zealand First will be spending more than all the other parties combined.