Act Party

Free Press 25/05/2015

We Rate the Budget Speeches
Free Press observed the Budget Speeches live.  The media underreported the Government’s momentum and the opposition’s flat-footedness.  It was one-way traffic as the opposition sat dumbfounded at National stealing their policies. 

Free Press - 18/05/2015

Capital Gains in Housing
After years of pointing out the problems with unaffordable housing, the government is finally moving - by tinkering round the edges. Opposition parties are exasperated as they had wanted to do the same tinkering themselves. We used to say that only the Labour party would propose a tax to encourage supply, we are revising our lines.

Free Press 11/05/2015

The Gen-Y Manifesto
Andrew Dean, a Rhodes Scholar, has gotten some press for his book, Ruth, Roger and Me.  It is a plaintive cri de coeur about how bad people under 40 have things these days. Free Press doesn’t usually endorse books from the left, but Ruth, Roger and Me is short and worth a read.

Free Press 4/05/2015

Cycleways Appearing on the Paul Henry show this morning talking about cycleways, Green MP Julie Ann Genter claimed the Greens had achieved more spending than any of National’s confidence and supply partners. We love cycleways too. They are one of the more successful small-scale initiatives of the past few years. But doesn’t the comment speak volumes? Success in politics is all about grabbing the most money taken from taxpayers and spending it? That’s not a view ACT shares.

Free Press 28/04/2015

A Programme of Phased Cuts in Company Tax Over-taxing mobile capital is not a good idea – not if you want jobs and higher wages anyway. Last week the ACT Leader announced a plan for a programme of phased reductions in the company tax rate, with one percentage point per year reductions in the company tax rate for eight years, to a target of 20%. He said Budget 2015 should be signalling continuous improvement in our business environment, and this proposal does that.

Free Press 20/04/2015

Sharing Economy to be worth $335 Billion. Price Waterhouse Coopers project that the sharing economy, Uber, Air BnB, Chariot and the like, will be worth $335 billion worldwide by 2025.

Free Press 13/04/2015

It’s Catching Vernon Small of the Dom Post says ACT’s call to index tax brackets to inflation is a ‘canny policy.’ The only real downside?

Free Press 7/04/2015

Outstanding Performance
Over the weekend, David Seymour used an interview on TVNZ’s Q+A to outline ACT’s relevance.  Correspondence has poured in saying it is his best performance yet. It’s still online here.

Free Press 30/03/2015

It is Tight
The weekend’s election shows how crucial ACT and Epsom are to stable centre right government.

Free Press 16/03/2015

A Good Keen Man
Robin Grieve continues to get rave reviews around Northland.  He has the best one-liners of any candidate.  Free Press followed him around Mangawhai on Sunday where he pointed out that shooting oneself in the foot would not send much of a message.  We understand loyal ACT voters may vote strategically for the National candidate, but Robin’s campaign shows ACT is strong.