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Free Press - 14/06/2016

Insidious Bullying
Last night TV One revealed just how far the teachers’ unions will go in bullying partnership schools.  It is shameful.  We are all for raising the status of the teaching profession (a stated goal of the unions) but this kind of bullying behaviour is doing more damage to the profession than anyone else.

Free Press - 7/06/2016

Even Kiwis who think they are on the hard right of Attila the Hun are big softies by international standards.  They wouldn’t approve of real poverty and caste destiny in India, for instance.  A fair  go is part of our national identity.  Public opinion polling now says inequality is the number one issue.

Free Press - 24/05/2016

Tax Cuts
David Seymour appeared on The Nation this weekend debating the Peter Dunne, the Greens, and the Maori Party.  You can watch the full debate or read the transcript here.  Supporters and opponents agree Seymour dominated the debate.

Free Press - 16/05/2016

Campaigning from the Right, Governing from the Left
In the past week National have announced they will not cut taxes before the election, when they could do so, but will campaign to cut taxes after the election.  Who would trust them?  ACT now stands alone in parliament advocating for the taxpayer.

Free Press - 9/05/2016

Window Washers
Traffic light window washers exist in every city.  Whangarei, for instance, had a much-loved guy who wore a Santa suit and gave his takings to charity at Christmas time. 

The Police Pounce
Last week the police started arresting them but Free Press can’t work out how the washers got around all the other government departments. By breaking practically every law, the window washers showed how much Government most businesses have to deal with.  Here’s a selection:

Free Press - 2/05/2016

Do as We Say
Once again the Green Party has topped parliament for air travel expenses.  At an average of $6,490 per MP, they edged out the Labour Party.  The Nats averaged $5,342 each, NZ First MPs $5,291 and ACT $5,777.  None of the Greens are Ministers or electorate MPs.  Where do they go, and why should we take their environmental message seriously?

Free Press - 26/04/2016

Lest we Forget
This week Free Press honours those who lost their lives so that we might live in a free society.  Those who made the ultimate sacrifice, those who served in conflict, and those who continue to serve in the New Zealand Defence Force.

Free Press - 18/4/2016

Trudeau I
As a conviction politician, Pierre Trudeau changed Canada.  Mostly for the worse, but he did have some good convictions such as declaring that the ‘state has no place in the bedroom.’

Free Press - 11/04/2016

Defending the Right to Choose
This week, Free Press reviews Labour and the teacher unions’ reflexive and self-interested opposition to Partnership Schools Kura Hourua.
Strong Demand

Free Press - 4/04/2016

Bad Economists Make Bad Environmentalists
The Green Party is all over the map this week, threatening to sabotage capitalism while capitalists are saving the planet.

Have Electric Cars Finally Arrived?
The Nissan Leaf is no longer sold new in New Zealand, the Holden Volt appears to be a flop, and reports are in that the BMW i3, in many ways an impressive vehicle, has a disappointing range.  Is the weekend announcement by Tesla the game breaker?