ACT To Support Surveillance Legislation To Select Committee

ACT Parliamentary Leader John Boscawen today confirmed the ACT Party will support the Government’s legislation to address police surveillance activity to an urgent Select Committee Hearing.  

“This is an important piece of legislation and we would like the matter dealt with before Parliament rises,” Mr Boscawen said. 

“While we do not want to prejudice outcomes of the Select Committee hearings, we believe police need the support and tools to investigate serious crime in New Zealand.  The Supreme Court has raised concerns over whether police surveillance operations are lawful and we would like to see this issue addressed.

“We think it is important to subject this Bill to public scrutiny and allow Parliament the opportunity to hear from experts in the field and from the Police Association on the matter. 

“It is for these reasons that the ACT Party will support the legislation through its first reading,” Mr Boscawen said.