ACT’s education policy would see needs of Pasifika students met

The observation by Holy Family School Principal Karl Vasau on Radio New Zealand National’s Morning Report programme that the academic achievement of Pasifika students would be improved if their cultural background is incorporated into teaching shows why ACT’s education policy would be great for students, ACT New Zealand Education Spokesman John Boscawen said today.

“Students are not all the same, each having their own interests, strengths and backgrounds.  The current education system doesn’t recognise this and instead utilises a one-size-fits-all model, to the detriment of many of our children,” Mr Boscawen said. 

“If we are going to lift the achievement of all our students - including the one in five who currently leave school functionally illiterate - we need to have a system which caters to student’s needs rather than forcing students to fit into the system. 

ACT’s school choice policy will allow this to happen.  Under ACT’s policy state funding will follow the child no matter whether they go to a public, integrated or private school.  That means parents will be able to afford to send their children to a greater range of schools and more specialised schools will be set up.

“If ACT’s school choice policy is introduced, Mr Vasau’s vision for schools that focus on Pacific Island students’ needs will become a reality, as will schools that cater to other students’ needs,” Mr Boscawen said