Jamie Whyte

Jamie Whyte is the Head of Research and Publishing at Oliver Wyman Financial Services, a fellow of the Institute of Economic Affairs and a senior fellow of the Adam Smith Institute. He has previously worked as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, as a philosophy lecturer at Cambridge University and as a foreign currency trader.

Jamie is the author of Crimes Against Logic (2004), A Load of Blair (2005) and Quack Policy (2013). He is a regular contributor of opinion columns to the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and The Times. In 2006 he won the Bastiat Prize for Journalism and in 2010 he was runner-up.



Jamie Whyte

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David Seymour

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Looking around the world and through history, it is better government policy that makes countries like New Zealand prosperous and free, and poor policy that has held people back. I’ve devoted most of my life to better policy, working for overseas think tanks and in government here in New Zealand.

Prior to that I graduated from the University of Auckland and worked as an electrical engineer before going on an OE to Canada. I went to school at Auckland Grammar where I returned to coach rugby for five seasons and work as a tutor at Tibbs House.

Epsom is where I have lived, studied, worked, volunteered and socialised for much of the past seventeen years. My friends are here and it is a part of New Zealand that I love dearly.

Why ACT? I am running for ACT because of a straightforward belief:  Your efforts should make a difference.  Taxes should be low because your work should be rewarded, not progressively taxed away.  People and property should be safe because you shouldn’t fear losing what you have to criminals. Welfare should not encourage dependency by rinsing away the incentive to work.  Everybody should be equal before the law, it should not matter who you are but what you do.  City growth should not be constrained by arbitrary limits that make home ownership unrealistic for many young people no matter how committed they are to achieving it. Nearly everything ACT and I stand for comes back to the basic belief that your efforts should make a difference.  Nearly everything our opponents stand for, higher taxes, more government interventions, and more welfare are policies that erode a person’s ability to make a difference in their own lives.

I believe in a collegial approach to politics – in working together within ACT and with our potential coalition partners to deliver stable, disciplined government. Such a government should allow people to get on with building prosperous families, businesses, and lives.

About me briefly:

·         Attended Auckland Grammar, where I returned to coach rugby for five seasons and worked as a tutor for two years at Tibbs House

·         Volunteered at Kidsline, the children’s branch of the Lifeline telephone helpline

·         Graduated in Electrical Engineering and Philosophy from the University of Auckland

·         Worked as John Banks’ ministerial advisor, helping John put together ACT’s Partnership (charter) School legislation.

·         Worked for five years in Canada for two think tanks, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy and the Manning Foundation

·         Wrote a book on public policy for the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, entitled Birth of a Boom: Saskatchewan’s Dawning Golden Age

·         Edited C2C Journal, an online journal for Canadian free-market commentary

·         Ran my own consultancy, Seymour Policy Inc., helping clients work through public policy related challenges

·         Built a car from scratch (a sports car modelled on the Lotus 7)

·         Portrayed ‘the young Sir Edmund Hillary’ in TVNZ’s biographical documentary A view from the Top




David Seymour

ACT Epsom Candidate

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