ACT welcomes important progress for our trading nation

ACT Leader David Seymour welcomed the finalisation of the TPP agreement, freeing up trade amongst the twelve signatory countries across Asia and the Pacific.

“ACT is committed to free trade between nations, and this is another important step in that direction. Tariffs will be eliminated on 93% of our trade with these nations, once the agreement is fully phased in.

“New Zealand is a trading nation. International trade is the foundation of our nation’s wealth and the basis of our standard of living.

New ocean sanctuary welcome, but compensation principle important

ACT Leader David Seymour has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of an Ocean Sanctuary in the Kermadec region, but says the government must consider the costs imposed on private businesses.

“An important principle is at stake here. If justified, existing operators in fisheries and mining should be fully compensated,” said Mr Seymour.

Free Press - 28/09/2015

Stating Our Values
Serial migrator Oliver Hartwich of the New Zealand Initiative has lived in Germany, England, Australia and New Zealand.  He observes that all countries put migrants through the wringer with endless forms before they can become residents and citizens, but New Zealand omits one that Australia requires Hartwich is hardly a fan of bureaucracy, but points out that we don’t require new immigrants to sign a Values Statement.

Red Peak inclusion may help rescue referendum

Red Peak’s inclusion in the flag referendum may help save the referendum process, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The South African and Canadian flags both emerged from outside those countries’ original flag processes to become cherished icons, something similar may be happening here.

“The Government is committed to having a referendum and adding Red Peak will mean many people who felt alienated will now be able to get behind it.

Free Press - 21/09/2015

New Zealanders Watch Rugby at Pub – World Keeps Turning
The first few games have been watched in pubs across the country.  It turns out New Zealanders are not a nation of irresponsible orangutans after all.  We’re thoroughly decent people who know how to enjoy ourselves, then go to work.  The only thing that should be banned is the All Black’s wobbly start against Argentina.

Come on Labour, step up to the plate

"The Prime Minister has given Labour the chance to have the Red Peak flag added to the flag shortlist, which over 50,000 people want," says ACT Leader David Seymour.

"But Labour have added a proviso in their Bill today, that the first round of the referendum starts with a question as to whether you want the flag changed. That is daft.

"For most of us, the answer to that question depends on what the alternate flag is.

Everybody take a deep breath

“The Prime Minister has opened the door to adding the Red Peak flag to the options for the flag referendum,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Andrew Little intends to table a Bill adding Red Peak to the list of options, but wants to change the structure of the planned referendum process.

Free Press - 14/09/2015

The Difference a Year Can Make
3 News journalist Brook Sabin tweeted last week, “I thought David Seymour would be the death of ACT, I was wrong.”  Andrea Vance said David has pulled off an “amazing PR stunt,” and Paul Henry says he’s doing great.  Even Patrick Gower says he “could turn out to be a class act.”  This Sunday will be one year since the election, and Free Press looks back at a few highlights and why they might be saying these things.