Epsom MP David Seymour to host community meeting on crime and window washers

“At residents' request, I am hosting a community meeting on what can be done about a series of violent incidents in and around Remuera and Greenlane interchange,” says Epsom MP David Seymour.

At Cornwall Park School this coming Monday Mr Seymour will bring together representatives of local police, security, and Auckland Transport, and the principals of Cornwall Park District School and Remuera Intermediate.

State school failure shows value of Partnership Schools

Failing state schools are avoiding closure, which shows the value of the Partnership Schools model, says ACT Leader David Seymour. A New Zealand Initiative report shows some state schools poorly perform for at least a decade.

“It’s an open secret that certain state schools just aren’t up to scratch, even after years of negative reviews and interventions,” said Mr Seymour.

Labour on Shewan report: then and now

Andrew Little, then:

“John Key’s decision to appoint John Shewan to review New Zealand’s dodgy foreign trust rules shows a serious lack of judgement . . . A closed door review led by Mr Shewan will not restore our international reputation which has been so damaged by the Panama Papers.”

Free Press - 27/06/2016

Some Numbers
The Baby Moko case is so evil and grotesque it will lead to much soul searching about child abuse and neglect in general.  Every year approximately 60,000 babies are born in New Zealand, 12,000 to a parent on a benefit.  There is something very wrong when a substantial proportion of New Zealanders think you needn’t have a job to provide for children.
ACT’s Solution? Children First