Greens will put tens of thousands out of work with their $18 minimum wage

 "The $18 minimum wage championed by the Greens will throw tens of thousands of low skilled New Zealanders out of a job and condemn them to a life on the benefit. At no point do the Greens discuss the employment consequences of their massive minimum wage rise", said Dr Whyte.

 "What is deeply suspicious is the Greens did not ask BERL or Infometrics to QA their policy. Dr Norman was officious to the point of prissiness about the use of independent consultants to QA his economic policy releases”, said Dr Whyte.

More good Questions for Mr. Cunliffe

Exempting the family home from Capital Gains taxes is harder than it sounds.  What if you charge one of the children board?  What if it is one of the children’s friends?  A boarder?  Many South Auckland families share a house.  When does it stop being a family house?  If you take a job overseas or elsewhere and rent the home for a while, is it still a family home? What about the Granny flat?  What if it is not granny?

Bottom line demands by minor parties destabilising

"Bottom line demands by minor parties are destabilising and undemocratic" said Dr Jamie Whyte.  "Colin Craig says referenda being binding is a bottom line and now Winston Peters says a Royal Commission is a bottom line.  Polls say the vast majority of voters think the economy, education and health are far more important than either issue. Both men are prepared to overthrow the will of the people.”


ACT only party reducing taxes and saving waste

"ACT is delighted that, according to the Taxpayers' Union independent assessment, the party's policies will save the average household $6,875 over three years," said Dr Jamie Whyte. 

"We note that every other party increases the cost of government to households. According to the Bribe-o-meter, ACT is the only party that is not bribing voters with taxpayers' money. Our policies reduce government spending by a total of $11.6 billion over three years.