ACT announces Tauranga candidate Stuart Pedersen

ACT Leader Jamie Whyte is pleased to confirm ACT’s candidate for Tauranga.

“Our Tauranga candidate will be Stuart Pedersen. Stuart has strong ties to Tauranga and I’m glad he has agreed to do his best to grow ACT’s party vote in the electorate,” says Dr Whyte.

ACT announces Ohariu candidate Sean Fitzpatrick

ACT Leader Jamie Whyte is pleased to confirm ACT’s candidate for Ohariu.

“The ACT candidate for Ohariu will be Sean Fitzpatrick. Sean has close links to the region and I’m glad to hear he will be doing his best to grow ACT’s party vote in this electorate,” says Dr Whyte.

Sean lives in the Northern Suburbs. He has been a personal trainer and professional musician and currently is a small business owner, having opened a full time family oriented martial arts academy in the heart of Wellington.

Subsidising failure

I’m new to politics. Until now, I never quite clicked how corrupt politics can be. I’ve learnt that most parties buy their votes. The election has become a bidding war.

Which party can use up the most of our money? Which party can make the most decisions for us? The left often reminds me of an adolescent girl with her mother’s credit card. It’s pathetic and irresponsible. With that attitude – and I don’t say this lightly – it’s no wonder we have inter-generational welfare dependency.

ACT has a plan to double cycle use

"The National party yesterday announced a $100 million cycle-way that just happens to go through the marginal seat of Hutt South," said ACT Leader Dr Jamie Whyte.

"The Greens want to spend many hundreds of millions on cycle-ways. ACT’s contribution to this bidding war for the cyclist vote would double cycle use and cost nothing," said Dr Whyte.