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ACT membership costs $20.00 and gives you full voting rights and allows you to partake in ACT Party affairs.

If for professional or other reasons you cannot become a full member, please support ACT by becoming a supporter, which also costs $20.00.

If you are already a paid member of ACT on Campus, our young associates, then you are eligible for a Youth Membership, costing only $5.00.

If you would like to post us your membership or donate via cheque, you can download a pdf form here.


Donate To ACT

Please be aware that, under the Electoral Act, ACT New Zealand is not allowed to receive an anonymous donation of more than $1,500.00. If it does, the balance in excess of $1,500.00 must be paid over to the Crown.

ACT New Zealand also must disclose the identity of any entity (person, company, trust etc) which donates over $15,000.00. This threshold applies to both (1) any one-off donation and (2) cumulative donations from one entity that total greater than $15,000.00 in any calendar year.

If you are an overseas person then the threshold for donations is reduced considerably to $1,500.00. If your donation is more than $1,500.00 and you are overseas person (as that term is defined in section 207K(1) of the Electoral Act) then the amount of your donation that exceeds $15,000 must be returned to you or if not done so, then it is forfeited to the Crown.

In addition to these provisions should you donate over $30,000 over any 12 month period (and not just a calendar year) it must be disclosed by the party within 10 working days.

Therefore please ensure you supply us with your personal details if donating more than $1,500.00. However, unless your donation is more than $15,000 in any calendar year, your personal details will not be disclosed.


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